MagicZoeB is an artistic performer, She has pale pale white skin and she it shines bright, She Uses a deep black background to contrast her skin, Sh calls it Night Mode. It’s beautiful like Live Noir. She is an Artist. And my favourite feature is her hair. I love Hairy Armpits on Girls I think its like adding another ‘Reveal’ feature. Show tits, Show ass, show pussy, now flash your Pits! Hell Yeah.

MagicZoeB hair is well trimmed. It is not a wild “fuck you I’m Hairy” type of armpit. Her armpit hair is groomed and feminine, so is her pussy hair. She is Pale, Hairy, a Performer and she presents herself as the Anima. Would Highly recommend to sophiscated fappers.


Cam Model Link: magiczoeb

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