Prawn Diary 24062020

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Will this hot Sheila just smoke that joint and blow the smoke in my mouth while she rubs my bong? This is a lovely young lass from the Scottish highlands.. She enjoys rolling down the Scottish himalayas on the weekend, During the weekdays she prefers finding new camera angles to show of her puss.. She is a self proclaimed nice person.. If you meet on the street she may even say hello Codger.. But not to you sidewalk sneezer you stay home…

This is peach.. or itslikelypeach.. God only knows where she came up with that name.. The good thing about hthis young cyber jiggler.. is she has big ol tits that move like that one tits in cartoons.. Exaggerated swings.. bounces and shakes and jiggles.. That one nude shower scene in Ren and Stimpy,. Yeas think of that one.. She’s cute as 2 oversized buttons with nipples but you never get to see her nipples unless you subscrive to her #onlyfans.. She is a disciplined titty hider..

This milkshake would bring to the yard.. and I would stay in that yard.. And my thirst for this milkshake would make me unstoppable and I would takeout all competitors.. Send them through the drive thru.. Send them home with a shit 50c McD ice cream.. and then I would have this Full cream #Milkshake all to myself.. Holy #Tits have you ever seen a more filled in vessell.. This #beauty is so full she stretching.. You know those chip packets where you get ripped offf.. This aint that.